Hello World, Again!

Yes. Again. Here I am creating some kind of presence within the world wide web. Back in 2011, I created a blogspot website using my Google account where I chose to share my thoughts, idea’s, developments and processes I explored while studying a course at the local TAFE. I called this blog, “Everything Is Going Fine” – inpired by the title of a really deep and thoughtful film (starring Robert De Niro and Sam Rockwell) and documentary (starring Spalding Gray) that I watched around that time.

Guy Hickey™®©

The Banner I used on my blogspot (I love using After Effects to create stylistic graphics like this).

In 2011, my “first year” after completing my Higher School Certificate, I wanted to study Photography. Back in 2010, I had applied and had been interviewed for a Certificate IV course in PhotoImaging. But unfortunately, I was denied without any explanation, and didn’t get into that course. Thanks to my Mum and Dad, sometime in January (2011), we went to a TAFE course councillor in town who helped me get into another course which related to my personal interests greatly. She introduced me to a certificate IV course called ‘Visual Arts & Contemporary Crafts’. The final day for enrollment for that course was ON THAT DAY! And an interview wasn’t mandatory. So that day, I was able to enroll into what I call today,” a life changing course”.

2011, was spent studying the Certificate IV in Visual Arts & Contemporary Crafts where I got in touch with my real self. I feel like I belong with these kinds of people – ‘Creative’s’. Throughout the year, I would periodically update my blog with new artworks accompanied by progress snapshots and study works. I had fun sharing these kinds of things online, even though my “fanbase” and “visitor list” consisted entirely of myself and my Dad. Nobody ever really visited my site for my work. Given that I wanted to start gaining some traffic to my site, I started an AdSense account, and started blogging about things that seemed popular at that time. I would share artworks from other artists I found interesting; movie reviews; and my personal favourite thing, the annual “Irregular Gnarliness” posts – inspired by Shock Mansion’s Random Radness series.

Guy Hickey™®©

My old watermark/signature that I would embed into images that were on my blogspot.

This brought some traffic to my site; In fact, I made a total of $1.28 through my AdSense account. I never was able to receive that amount as the Checkout threshold was something like $80. But that’s alright. It was a fun thing to have running.

2012 was near. My best friend, Betsy, my black dog, died just before my 19th birthday. 2012 came around. One of my friends, who I had worked alongside during 2011 had died over the Christmas break. This was a time when I really became exposed to the reality and human conditions of LIFE. It was tough. Blogging became something so insignificant, I began to drift away from it. Photography, alongside Art, became my sustenance and strength at that time. Photography being more a satisfying medium for expression and productivity, I wanted to create a PhotoBlog – somewhere dedicated to my photographic imagery. Sometime, mid-2012 (after still posting some new works on my blogspot every once in a blue moon) I created a new blog on WordPress, acting as a sister to its brother – a ‘blog-coupling’ where i’d share photographic work.

Guy Hickey™®©

What my banner looked like on my PhotoBlog, 2012. You can see a monolithic, glowing GH logo in the center, roughly inspired by the monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

That worked well for me. But a long story cut short, by the end of 2012, I felt like I had to deal with issues going through my mind. Copyright, permanence of digital media, quality of work, meanings, stories; I had too much everywhere to organize. The “HUB” I had created seemed unnecessarily messy. So by Christmas, I deleted everything – my DeviantArt account, Google+ account, Blogspot account, WordPress account, and also deleted a majority of personal content on Facebook. I wanted to start fresh sometime late in 2013 or sometime in 2014, with a website linked to my facebook/twitter accounts. I felt that I needed a system that was compact and contained rather than messy and all over the place.

This brings me to now. March 2013. I feel like WordPress provides a reliable service and powerful/simple platform that I can use to build a website for myself in the future. I want this site to be my single, online entity, separate from Facebook, where I can post NOT all I create, but share All that I consider quality work from myself. I want to be able to share images that I want to be remembered by, by others around the world.

Here we go…

5 responses to “Hello World, Again!

  1. This is a great post Guy and it makes sense to have a concentrated web presence. I too found my sort of people in 2011 🙂
    I’m glad you have a place where I can share in seeing some of your artworks. Wishing you a rewarding year.

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