Success Is A State Of Mind

Shine - Cockatoo Island
Shine – Cockatoo Island.

In my own way of understanding I see “success” as being a certain kind of “state” – state of mind; or conscience (a non-altered state). As far as photography goes, in my own understanding; Success comes as long as I really want it. In essence, if I dedicate myself to it, in time, I can earn it (in a mental way). Success comes from sticking with it, loving it, training yourself and never giving up on passion.

Bathed - Cockatoo Island
Bathed – Cockatoo Island.

The way I perceive life today, is through how i’ve experienced my own “human condition“, through my years of being alive, thus far. I see that life is a given; a gift. And it is fragile. Life is also short. I realize these facts as I have witnessed many realities we must all face in life, so early in my own life.

For myself, I just want happiness and comfort – for my family and I. That’s my goal in life. To be happy/comfortable and spread positivity around.  And photography is my chosen creative output I have passion for that just so happens to be my most satisfying way of communicating this (among other kinds of storytelling).

Bathe Together - Cockatoo Island
Bathe Together – Cockatoo Island.

Patience is something I have attained over the years and it is useful to have when in one of my many “photographic modes”. I believe it is a skill you need in day-to-day life to. I’ve grown up in an age where the speed of things around me, have sped up exponentially over small periods of time (compared to generations in the past). Everything is so fast paced and mostly unnecessarily so. I think the adults of today can understand what i’m getting on about in terms of ‘that’. Most people don’t have time to slow down and smell the flowers anymore.

Bathing - Cockatoo Island
Bathing – Cockatoo Island.

I chose to stick by myself. I think I will be better off in life, if I “fly solo’. But not in a selfish way – I want to make my family proud. The following is something that I think fits perfect here in this post; A quote written by Kirk Tuck in an article that I know is a must-read for fellow deep thinkers; “Here’s what I learned: If you want to do photography at a level that really satisfies your soul and your ego, you’ll need to do it alone.”

This quote comes from a piece of writing titled ‘Become a Lonely Hunter for a Better Hunt’. You can read it all here on PetaPixel. Here’s another powerful quote I feel needs to be shared; “When you see the world unfold in front of you, unencumbered by the social construct of the group, you become freed to see differently and make different decisions about what you’ll photograph and why. In the end you’ll come home with intensely personal photographs. Quirky photographs. Powerful photographs.”

Since I am sharing articles that I find really important and interesting from around the web; I may aswell share a blog post from one of my new followers, Cristian Mihai. Recently, a post he made, I think relates to exactly what I am on about; philosophically. Here is the post, titled ‘How far would you go?’.

Nakaya Fujiko's Living Chasm - Cockatoo Island
Nakaya Fujiko’s Living Chasm – Cockatoo Island.

To put a quote i’m about to insert here, into context – I don’t know what life has in store for me in the future, one second from now, and onwards. That future of the unknown is what not only drives me, but influences me to have courage and be brave, because that ‘unknown’ also scares me. I suffer from anxiety all the time, and I make it my mission every day to be calm and to not worry and not struggle, as much as possible, about anything. For I have a lot to be thankful for, and to remind myself that, makes me content. The quote as follows, “It kind of makes you wonder if courage is nothing more than being foolish enough to believe that when compared to reaching your goal, the struggle is of no importance. Pain, regret, hate, become just words. You want what you want and you have to do your best to get it.” To me (what I draw from this piece), I see this as the “journey and not the destination” that’s important in life. I believe the success arrives in the realization you receive at the destination. The journey is the life you live; Lived in a state of mind that allows you to be free – free from the illness that is mentally disabling you from becoming successful in life. And most of all, don’t ever give up on yourself or others around you.

Bathe Into - Cockatoo Island
Bathe Into – Cockatoo Island.

As the song goes, “No one said it would be easy” (originating from a Coldplay). And that can be a good thing. I know I may be repetitive with what I am sharing; The main thing is that Success, that light at the end of the tunnel, to me, must be a certain kind of attainable ‘state of mind’. You have to train yourself to get there. Life’s goal for me, is to find happiness in oneself. A pursuit in the art of photography is what I want to achieve and succeed in. And it can be done. I have to allow myself to put acceptance into my conscience.

And as Charlie Bucket’s mother would say, “Just be glad, your you”.

Bathe Onto - Cockatoo Island
Bathe Onto – Cockatoo Island.

“Success, in the end, is experiencing as much of life as possible. Just find your happiness, and that in itself is an indestructible achievement of success.”

“Don’t let people bring you down, don’t worry, do what YOU want, do what YOU can, and enjoy what you love. In turn, you share love and happiness to those around you. I think that would be a great success.”

*Photographs featured in this post come from a series I created during the 18th Biennale of Sydney, September, 2012. Notice that the fog from the art installation (by Nakaya Fujiko) is very thick… But on this day, smoke from near-by backburning/grass fires filled the air and sky with more cloud and mist.

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