Over the past couple of days, i’ve watched a handful of movies. Two of which (apart from Apollo 18) has stuck on my mind. Two films, watched within one day of each other; Barney’s Version (Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, Rosamund Pike) and Blue Valentine (Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Faith Wladyka). All of which, remind me of the love stories told in LOST.

I found it interesting how the romantic, true love aspect (breathing life into both stories), linked each other together. One thing I took away from both films was the simple fact that, in life “We always hurt those we love”.
Another thing I took away from these films is the realization of just how much I like ‘wacky’ storyline structures. The structure between these two films is very similar in that the storyline is told from the present with flashbacks, telling you the story of how it is you get where they/you are now. I like this method of storytelling and it reminds me of another film in particular, 12 Monkeys (which I believe features flash-sideways’ – a prominent aspect of the story in the later season’s of LOST).
I like recurring and deep subliminal messages that take place within stories. One such instance that comes to mind first is back in my all-time favourite tv show, LOST. J.J. Abrams had the idea of turning the setting, the island, into a character itself, within the story as quoted “The island has to be a character in the show, and something’s wrong with the island.” – ‘I Pretty Much Wanted to Die’. Now in Blue Valentine, Frankie, their daughter remains their constant (no, not Desmond). And in Barney’s Version, the onion served as an incessant memento. This onion reminded Barney of his true love; his first real, true love – that he lost.

In the making of Blue Valentine, an Arriflex 416 Plus (film) and a Red One (digital) camera were used to film. I love that film look that they try and achieve in these kinds of movies. The brightened and saturated greens and reds within a blue atmosphere. And that subtle alteration of oranges turning into brown. Film gives such a unique appearance; I think I could pick out the film shot scenes as opposed to the digi-shot scenes. I definitely noticed some of the differences in grain and colour rendition, throughout. Film is awesome; I like how the red hues come in through the highlights and the dark blues coming in through the shadows. Even the greens coming in through the mid tones/shades.
Ryan Gosling was a mouseketeer. Paul Giamatti was not. But even so; I have to say that these men are definitely among the greatest actors of this generation and age.

In my time, I have seen well over 1000 films. I have a database currently consisting of 4135 movies and tv shows (and growing). I think over the next few months I will put together some more recommendations and movie lists to share here. It should be well worth it for all of you out there browsing the WWW. For now, I think I will go on to watch another movie featuring both Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, The United States of Leland… And plan another space/slot of time for myself to completely watch LOST in all its entirety for the 4th time, over again.

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5 responses to “EL OW VEE EE, LOVE.

  1. I love that we still don’t really know what Lost was all about – and I don’t think you’ll work it out in your 4th, 5th etc viewing. We’re just along for the ride I think, and it was a great ride!

    • I like the way you put it ;). I gain something new each time I watch it. First I thought it was all about faith. Then about life. Then about death. In all, I think it’s about all of the above and more. It ends leaving you free to interpret the story, how you like.
      So glad I watched it on tv when it aired each and every week. It was a heck of a ride, wasn’t it :).

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