Twas Ever Thus

A minimum of two postings per month doesn’t sound like much, does it? But when your days are made up of either working on house renovations consisting of tiresome tasks, mowing lawns, attending school, and all the productive in-betweens – creating a thoughtful, well written article, to the best I can possibly construct, is becoming largely difficult. And I don’t want to worry about it, as much as I do care about keeping my beloved online hotspot active.
I proclaim, in that on this day as which stands, marks that first day I slowly brake with my online activities (as slow as they already may seem to appear), and focus on the tasks I currently have at hand, rather than agitate my own mind over compulsively keeping that 2/month code that i’ve been living by in this past year (Happy 1st Anniversary to this edition of HICKEYGUY). Freedom, as I see it… Possibly a gateway into planning and producing better postings for the future. More time over a series of months to create what I really want to create – interesting, meaningful, far-reaching content, necessary-to-me.
How? Why? have I decided to now act… Well, let’s just say that peering into the lives of other creatives around the world whom have strong and unique work-behaviors throughout history, has given me insight as to how I should pace myself, recently. Photographers and artists all work in their own unique time. Some may create work within a day and get images out to the world within a 24-hour period. To me this is an exaggeration of pace, but there are some out there who are hurried and instantaneous this way (but usually at the sacrifice of much). However, with the example of Ansel Adams as a great figure, would consider that just, only, twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop – justifying the fact that the product of time, and hard work, is all about quality and not quantity. So take your time and have patience, is exactly the kind of advise I am going to take. “Sacrifice for the greater good” as Batman would say.

One of the creatives I have been peering towards, of which I have been inspired by for 6 or 7 years now (maybe even longer), is artist Robert Crumb. The work that his brain, eyes and hands have formed over the years have tickled me greatly. Sophie, his daughter has an awesome little blog which i’ve kept my eye on over the past few years. His style and the style of others similar, have been my great interests for as long as I can remember. My Dad being my first and foremost artistic inspiration.
Just in the past few weeks, following my week reading Totally MAD & Inside MAD, my juices for what I initially loved for so long, before Photography, began to flow once again. I wanted to continue reading more about those i’ve looked up to so much. I am currently into the 4th Volume of The Complete Crumb Comics series – a very large serial, consisting of 17 volumes. I don’t think you could ever get enough of his artworks. I hadn’t known very much before, but his story, especially in the early years, intrigue me so. Some of the words written by Marty Pahls could have been direct translations of some of my own experiences with mental illness.

With many tasks ahead of me, here is where I start to decelerate with my online activity, and focus on the things around me in the physical realm which have a true priority over “blogging”. Maybe even with a little time away from hammering the keyboard keys, might give me some space to prepare how I share my own work, in times to come; A slight shift from the discoveries i’ve been sharing recently. What an exciting thought!

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