A Pair Of Gloves

In this PP [Picture-Posting], I want to make note of an amazing piece of work which has really tickled my fancy – FARGO.
I like to collect episodes of TV shows that I have interest in, just in case a show becomes “captivating” I don’t have to wait long for the next episode to come along. In this instance, I am very pleased that I had assembled the first 9 of 10 episodes this impressive TV series had to offer. Being able to have a playlist “marathon” of such a storyline assists and compels you to seriously immerse your mind into the narrative. After the first 2 eps, my Dad & I were so thrilled by the events so far that we dragged Mum in, to become hitched. Now that the season has completed, I think I can now settle with the fact that this was one of the best TV experiences we’ve ever seen. I have many favourite TV series’, all of which have long and deep storylines. There is something so compact and perfect about this one season storyline that Fargo delivered – which prompts me to reconsider my “top 10” lineup. I don’t think I could ever dethrone LOST from my number one spot, but Fargo definitely jumps into my 3 most favoured shows of the past 20 years.

A fictional story developed by executive producers Joel and Ethan Coen, inspired by the 1996 film, Fargo (written, produced, edited and directed by the Coen Brothers), and set nineteen years after the events of the film – is a beautifully clever, cinematic television event.
The following productions and correlating pictures, I feel tell a story, all made up of elements that I think make up Fargo, in my imagination. My brain has put together a web of connections that i’ve used to sense and relate to…. At least in my mind, all of the following elements are compiled to demonstrate affinities that I feel, somehow, make up the wickedly wonderful world of Fargo.

…An atmosphere reverent to that of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford….

…That psycho, desolate sensation acquired from Misery.
Kathy Bates directed a pilot episode to the proposed ‘Fargo’ TV series in 1997, (the Coen Brothers weren’t involved in this production) – filmed but cancelled, it aired finally in 2003 on Trio’s Brilliant But Cancelled series of failed TV shows….


…Levity like About Schmidt….

…Comedic aroma there-like The Big White….

…Those bleak tones attained in Deadfall….

…And hidden secrets under blankets of snow in The Ice Storm….

…The quiet disposition of Slingblade….
Surely, what Breaking Bad did for the south, Fargo absolutely did for the north. I hope that the people in charge most definitely bring these intelligent, captivating, greatly humorous and brightly dark, clever creators, back for another all-round well made visual and psychological story – hopefully this time, Sioux Falls.

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