Wedges – 2K14 – DIV.3

-December 31st, 2014-

Golden Wedge Award

“Tis of thy shard, ne nugget!”

To mark the 1st Anniversary since weaving this basket-nest to home my hot Wedges – I want to present myself with thy Golden Wedge Award. A shard of achievement.
Tis heavy, tis darn tootin! 2K15 awaits!

-December 25th, 2014-

Christmas Day

A present for Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

Merry Christmas Folks!

-December 22nd, 2014-

Late Late Crikey Dingo

“Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday.”

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson aired its final episode, tonight in Australia.
I remember back in 2006 when my Dad & I were in Anaheim/Hollywood – at night we would watch Craig Ferguson‘s hilarious nightly show. We loved it so much that we would look forward to watching it again the following year when my Mum joined Dad & I on another trip to the USA (2007). We loved the cheeky monkey sound-bytes he’d play on his toy machine. Years later, in 2011, he finally made it to our Australian TV airways – where we would see Craig and and his new sidekick pal, gay robot skeleton Geoff Peterson (Balls!) entertain us in a small CBS basement – in many ways, just like Hey Hey, It’s Saturday once did for us, every Saturday night weekend. Three and a bit years on – we say goodbye to one wonderful chapter, and welcome on the next grand page in a book where we follow fellow crime solver Craigyfergs, into the future. We must also follow Josh Robert Thompson, as he has a comedy series coming out soon!

-December 15th, 2014-

Keystone Alpha


From the very beginning of my injection into thefacebook stream – a grand hemisphere of media – I started sharing images that I hadn’t realised until recently, were my early outputs for what I like to call Wedges – shards of fleeting memories. These intriguing, early Wedges, can be found in an album I organised and put together in chronological, appropriately titled ‘Wedges’. Keep your eyes open for those hidden Wedges made in 2K14, and please do take the time to enjoy my other creatively described albums on thefacebook.

-December 10th, 2014-

Admiral General Aladeen

“Aladeen or Aladeen!?”

Ruthless Protector of the Precious and Expendable People of Wadiya. Before Aladeen (5680 B.A.): Adamadeen has sexual relations with Eveadeen in the Garden of Edenadeen, producing Abrahamadeen, who started roaming the Earth looking for a land worthy to be named Wadiya.

-December 7th, 2014-


“As if you could kill time without wounding eternity.” – The Clock King (The Flash)

Each an every one of us are here for only a small moment – a wedge in time. We all share this time together, individually. I compulsively photograph to keep parts of that time with me – as I go along, traveling through time. A memento representing time. It’s ALL about time… and CPH4.

-November 29th, 2014-


“I’m a good clown.”

Twisty the retired clown, is one among so many kinds/types of figures in history that I find so appealing. Twisty in particular, in my eyes, has such a great mixture of so many cool characters i’ve loved in the past. He has definitely been my most favourite character in the American Horror Story series so far. Though 4 weeks ago, on Halloween, Edward Mordrake took Twisty with him and his demon, to the other side.

-November 23rd, 2014-


Into The Jungle
Into The Jungle.

Today, at the Qlimax of one of my hometown’s hottest November days on record (since the mid 90s), I decided to sit and listen in LIVE to one of the greatest parties of all – Qlimax – which rolled on in the Nederlands overnight (in the day here, 10 hour time difference). I couldn’t help but feel the rad vibe come over me like it did at Defqon.1 last September. The energy of the harder styles has a strong grasp on me, and is really addictive!

“An animated GIF mashup of the two-photograph-diptych I captured at Defqon.1 Australia, September 20th, 2014.”

-November 20th, 2014-

Ape Shall Not Kill Ape


A thoroughly engaging adventure it was, seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes the other night with my Dad. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to build such a motion picture. A truly stunning viewing experience!

-November 16th, 2014-

Forged In Fire

Sign of the Horns
Sign of the Horns. – “Lips, Robbo & Myself at the Sydney premiere of ANVIL! The Story of Anvil – Wednesday the 26th of August, 2009.”

My favourite band, the best metal band of all time, ANVIL – finished their grand tour yesterday, conquering the land of the rising sun, Japan, south of the equator, down under in Australia , and for the first time ever, where the Kiwis roam in New Zealand. Each and every stop smashed!
I made a decision last month to not get upset about being unable to go see them perform in Sydney, this time ’round. I had to keep in mind how lucky I was to catch Lips, Robbo & G5, making magic happen that one time, at the Sydney Soundwave Festival, February 21st (2010). Truly extraordinary people, they are! To love, to never give up, and to show such strength, proves their title. Have a peek at this interview [click] filmed in New Zealand – superb stuff! – Keep on Pounding!!! \m/

-November 14th, 2014-

The World I Live In

“A boop oop a doop-ie contract written by Max Fleischer.”

At current, the very same age as me – 22, Leslie Carbarga, created the only book ever published about the Max Fleischer animation studios. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the many attractive pages of ‘The Fleischer Story‘ (1976). As unfortunate as some stories go, I still found the story to be very entertaining and intriguing despite the many hardships. Max with his box full of earthworms, surely is a somewhat forgotten hero.
I began reading this book just after watching ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘ – which nearly brought me to tears, having not seen the movie in many years, and also with the recent passing of Bob Hoskins. But partly also because I had been immersing myself into so much history in the past couple of years – specifically comic/comedy and animation history. How could such a grand, golden age of such beautiful animated creations (cartoon candy) slowly drift away from todays culture. Seeing all the wonderful characters in-through the Felix marked ‘Back to the Future‘ tunnel (Felix in Fairyland), in Toontown (just like something out of a Silly Symphonies short) made me want to bring them all back to life!
I also found it fitting that Roger was voiced by Charles Fleischer – even though the only connecting relation between, is the “Fleischer” name. Definitely catch ‘Out of the Inkwell: The Fleischer Story‘ the TV documentary when and where you can, because it really explains the book so well – AND in motion.
After everything, it is important to follow your dreams nomatterwhat. Even if the path ahead takes you through some kind of darkness. It’s the dreaming that will pull you through in the end.

-November 8th, 2014-

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy
Birthday Boy.

My Little Brother, Roddy, was born on November 8th, 1996. Today would be his 18th birthday.
Watching ‘Up‘ on TV as I collect photographs, and think of what to write – adds to the inevitable feeling, that casts a shadow on Mum, Dad & I, around this time of year. He may be absent from flesh, though, he is always present within our hearts.

-November 7th, 2014-

Where’s Hickey?

“Where? There!”

The Official DQ.1 Australia Aftermovie was released this afternoon where my attendance has been documented, from a birds-eye view.
I ended up regretting not turning the camera on myself for a memorable hardstyle selfie (since it really is The Age Of The Selfie!), but since had the joy of playing a game of Where’s Wally? – Searching through the hundreds of video clips and photographs people have taken, in a hunt to see if I could be found = Anywhere!!!

-November 2nd, 2014-

“Good Business”

“You can’t stop every bad thing…. You can’t fix everything.”

After 56 hours of quality entertainment, Boardwalk Empire, featuring its ensemble of gangsters, history and heart – completed its final chapter this time last week.
“All good things, ya know?” [End]

-October 10th, 2014-

Lights Go Out

Lights Go Out
“Lights Go Out – I can feel the vibrations shaking me from the inside…. Remember that feeling?”

Listening to Team Rocket’s Podcast Episode No.1, whilst editing my captures from that grand date!

-October 3rd, 2014-

██████ ████

In the past year, my Dad & I have completed many entertaining TV shows and films. One that we enjoyed very much and finished last month was ‘The 4400‘ – a series about the disappearance and reappearance of forty-four-hundred people from various places and times within the last 60 years, who come back with supernatural abilities. As the final season was coming to an end, I thought that it might end with a cliffhanger, given how little time there was to tell so much story remaining. Then again, I thought it would end just like another series – ‘The Others‘, where everyone simply dies in the last 60 seconds of the airing. But thankfully it didn’t end that way. It could have gone on for many more seasons, but was a great show as a whole, as it was. I’m certain though that episode S02E07 titled ‘Life Interrupted‘ could have been adapted into a successful feature length movie – maybe it should be (in the future), in homage to such a fun TV series.
Another great series which ended just recently, shares a similar idea but is completely different. ‘The Leftovers‘, is a series created by the awesome co-creator of LOST, Damon Lindelof. This show “revolves around mysterious disappearances, world-wide, and specifically follows a group of people who are left behind in the suburban community of Mapleton. They must begin to rebuild their lives after the loss of more than 100 people.” I found it very interesting – so many people lost, and others found.

Speaking of the paranormal, mysterious unknown, not-normal ambience of character and atmosphere – more people are disappearing in films ‘The Frankenstein Theory‘, and ‘Alien Abduction‘. Both are within the found-footage category. I often find that the ratings formed by the IMDB community don’t always reflect the success of the “thrill factor”. I really enjoyed these two stories.

“██ ██████████ █ ████ ████.”

I also thought that Alien Abduction was particularly clever. I like how they thought about “design”, including classified “black-marker” strips in the ending credits, hiding secret text, not-for-your-eyes, sanitised and redacted, just like the beginning credits in Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla. There were a couple of things I wish however, were blacked out in the ending of Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek. Some things can’t be unseen.

-September 23rd, 2014-


“Why, Thank You Google!”

-September 21st, 2014-

Jungle of Madness

“Kundalini Serpents looking over a colourful field of magical ravers.”

Let the ears ring for days and days to come! BIG thank you to Q-dance and all ravers who made it an unforgettable experience! Undoubtedly, the wildest, most euphoric celebration of life and music there is today. 2K14’s Party Island will unleash itself and live on in the hearts and minds of everyone for years to come! #DQAUS14 #Defqon1

-September 18th, 2014-


Madness Everywhere
“Madness Everywhere”

This mega-sticker-slap seen off HIGH street, in the heart of Penrith, overlooks the very street, where ravers from all-round will gather, assemble and prepare for Australia’s 2K14 edition of Defqon.1.

Only 1 day to go until Party-island awakens! – #DQAUS14 #Defqon1 Q-DanceAU

-September 10th, 2014-


The Beast
“The Beast”

In this years ‘yearbook’, I found a cut-out mask in the centerfold, giving you the chance to show off and unleash the beast. I unleashed this beast from the book with my little scissors, and went ahead with an idea I had in mind. This photograph is made up of 4 exposures, with a final ‘slow sync flash’ at the end. Can you handle the ravaging chaos!?!

DEFQON.1 - 1926
“DEFQON.1 – 1926”

For the past 5 years, I could hear the thunderous noise, traveling down the river from the lakes. It is this ambient wave of music that made me fall in love with hardstyle. This year, to celebrate my birthday, i’m finally going to party with everyone as Q-Dance brings Defqon.1 back for another round of insane fun!

10 days until September 20th! DefqonDay! – #DQAUS14 #Defqon1

-September 1st, 2014-



The other day, I found something that gave me a very strange but awesome feeling. What I found, I had not seen or heard of, but in my memory, for 15 years. It was in fact the very first video game I remember playing – called Daytona USA.

2014 marks the 20th anniversary year since its full release in 1994 (on the Sega Model 2). I remember when my Dad & I would go to the plaza, and spend the day in the arcade. We used to pick between going to the movies or going to PlayTime (later TimeZone). With $15 we would get a bag full of silver tokens to dispense at our own will. From memory, the most vivid sense I can recall is the sounds – ambient noise, made up of basket balls hitting plastic bounce guards, tokens being spat out by the exchange machine, thumping of paddle’s from the Wacky Gator game; but more predominantly, the jumble of music coming from the dark room, deep inside the belly of the arcade. The soundbyte I remember most is the “Aaaaaaaaaa!”, which sounded like a robot yelling into a fan, creating this pulsating vibration through the air – all distorted and wavy. I loved it! In that dark room, the first game you would see to the left in the middle of the room was a glow-in-the-dark air hockey table, and to the right was the double-seated, two-player Daytona USA cabinet. Sometimes people would gather around the seats and watch you race. It was fast and a lot of fun. I miss having an arcade to go to. The last one I visited was about 8 years ago and wasn’t even a proper arcade. It was a mini-assembly of basic games (the claw!) in the old bowling alley, which hasn’t existed for many, many years. I’m glad I have such special memories from PlayTime & TimeZone. I won so many great toys there!

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