What is it that I dedicate myself to? I dedicate my life to the Art of Imagery. Images, profoundly have a deep effect on me. Both in black & white and colour. But most of all, I dedicate myself to opening the eyes of others; to serve and be of great use to others in the most humble of ways.

For years I have focused on developing a style, distinctive and unique from the predominant tendencies. My sense for offbeat, somewhatwhy? idiosyncratic, quirky tones and colours within a frame, I feel, gets in touch with something deep inside. Something subconscious. My agitated mind challenges, constantly, my understandings about the relationships between subject, composition and narrative – with positive effect. My perceptions, and visions that I want to illustrate, are drawn out with great effort. As a result; Sometimes this process can be naturally unsuccessful; but other times, more often than not, I gain the most addictive, greatest feeling of instinctive satisfaction. This drives me.

For the purposes of this website, I want to share images with people, as I go on my journey in life. I enjoy making photographs; It would be only natural to make it an extension of my being – an “everyday” habit. People want to be able to see images that evoke deep emotions, and draw immediate attention to a story of interest or message in expression. I want to be able to share with the world; speak languages with people far and beyond my reach. I want to inspire, and make people think.
Below, you can read a story… A mash of text written in what is called illeism, the third-person. My intention is to “gesture” a personal summary, spoken from the perspective of my many cameras, looking back at me.

“I find it important to acknowledge and remember people and creatives who come before us, that influence our work. I find it rare that younger photographers and artists admire and/or even recognize their priors…”

Born (1992) and raised along the Nepean River stream at the foot of the Blue Mountains, deep in Western Sydney; Creativity has been an everyday outlet for Guy. Picking up a pencil as a baby, continues to draw in sketchbooks to this very day; Moreover, touching his very first film camera at the ripe age of 3. That camera – a little, green plastic toy lion camera – produced the very first snapshots of early life on film. A true sentimental treasure.

21 years later (2K13), facing many challenges as a young adult; Guy keeps a positive mind, and shares what stories might be considered to be thought-provoking, at a deeper level. An ever present challenge at hand is the induction of creating imagery, unseen and new, from an audiences perspective. The mindset of an infant optimist, built up over so many years can be seen at a glimpse, through the subject matter of photographs and text conceived in the inaugural years of Guy’s adulthood. Documenting “themes” representing everything from ‘struggle’, to-a-degree ‘taboo’, and ‘natural beauty’; are subjects that fuel a daily mission of capturing what is significant. What is significant, though, can first and foremostly develop from personal stories. A notable passage once used here, as a part of a previous “personal summary”; shows what insight can be gained into why Guy pursues, and does what he does = …As I try and realize and focus on what it is I am on this planet for. “My purpose in life”. Over the years, through growing up, and exploring my skills and talents in personal, creative ventures; I feel like I am coming to a state of mind and realization that I am becoming somewhat ‘focused’ on what it is I want to spend my every drop of mental and physical energy on, everyday – and that is Photography.
It can be argued that Photography is not an Art (Charles Baudelaire would have something to say about that). Living in a world 200 years advanced onward from photography’s dawn, and 150 years on from philosopher Baudelaire’s opinions; I think I can safely say that I use photographic tools as a medium and way for expressing creatively, what I see and feel in my life, the visions I need to share with people around me, As an Art form; An articulation of communication; A method of story-telling.


In respect and commemoration to the soul authors of my being; and further insight into Guy’s “personal summary”, a second passage shall be inscribed here for the aesthetic personal value (definition:always is connected with the beauty and artistic aspects of life.) = I have to thank my Mum and Dad for supporting and bringing me to where I am today. Without them, I would never feel as comfortable as I am in ‘the everyday’. Photography gives me the sustenance to keep me going. I want to see what the possibilities of the future are for me. As Annie Leibovitz once said in response to a question, “What is a Photographer’s life?” “It’s just a life, looking through a lens”.
For me, I will go with the way of the ever-evolving world. Digital technologies continue to improve and develop. I will harness these tools in life; Just as I eat and breath. Though, I will never let go of the intrinsic quality of what can be achieved with photography’s “past” tools. Film photography is something I will pursue for as long as I humanly can. I want a physical, truthful, photographic exposure on a slice of emulsion coated plastic, that light has imprinted on, like a fingerprint. That is what I find magical about the medium of film photography, in particular. It is a beautiful thing, unlike how a digital bit of data can be translated as.


For a long time, Guy has had an interest in the craft of creating imagery, in all forms and kinds, since birth. The years during Senior High sparked the initial stage of taking the “next step” towards a higher level of education. Guy’s favourite subjects, Art & Photography, sparked many new pathways, unseen and unknown beforehand. Seeing a series of documentaries from PBS opened and fixated Guy’s eyes for hours. Jean Michel Basquiat and Ansel Adams among many, introduced a new way of thinking to the everyday, in these years. For a long while it was something to pass the time, but at some point when school began introducing talks about “careers” into the curriculum, and pushing students to “find a path for your future”, Guy became hungry, and aimed high, on a serious journey – a journey to never end, where achievements can be encountered at any point within a lifetime. Though it took some time to realise where the real passions lie – while reading, studying and practicing many kinds of creation, the ‘School Certificate‘ and ‘Higher School Certificate‘ marked as only minor efforts compared to what was set for a life goal. The creation of imagery, is what Guy made an understanding with – to dedicate his life to the discipline of Art.

In 2K11, Guy studied at a local technical institute. The course on offer was a ‘Certificate IV in Visual Arts & Contemporary Crafts‘ and that year, fingers were dipped in various art making methods such as Traditional and Contemporary methods in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Printmaking, and Photography; with a side of Art History, theory.
Not wanting to stop, Guy went on in 2K12 to study for a ‘Diploma in Fine Arts‘, a continuation and “next stage” for the latter. Issues caused by government funding that year, forced a state-wide change to how the TAFE system worked, and oriented the whole layout, for everybody, towards a more-money oriented way of doing business. That year, ended the fun of such varieties in educational art making, and focused his mindset on what he found most important for a career. In 2K13, Guy signed up for a ‘Certificate IV‘ and ‘Diploma in PhotoImaging‘.

Starting that year (what is called 2K13), HICKEY GUY was put into action. Every so often, a new posting on the Keystone/Wedges page or blog post on the homepage can be found, containing content to tickle, and challenge your mind. A labour of love – you can find many stories about history relating to the quirky interests that influences what Guy does. Never will you be bored with so much colour, and black and white to look at – from personal stories detailing hardship, the joys of life outlining what’s important, projects created for fun to make you smile, and photo essays to open your mind, among many other postings about films, imagery in general and oddities of personal humor. Join me on my lifelong journey…

To contact me about anything that you may want to enquire for – you can reach me on Facebook, Flickr and/or more sensibly, my eMail. I want to help, so please don’t be afraid to write. Stay tuned with this website, as you won’t want to miss out on what I have to share in times to come. Let’s enjoy life in happiness as it’s all about “the journey” and not always about “the destination”.

-Guy Hickey
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