-July 14th, 2017-

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #5

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #5 – I am so grateful to be in a position where I have the space and time to think and create fun things. These particular things take a very long time to build, but give you a really good feeling when you have a finished result standing in front of you. It is a test of patience. Here we have a concept Steve-O Plush Action Figure from a few months ago – an advancement on from the 2009 poseable predecessor!

-July 1st, 2017-

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #4

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #4 – The past couple of years have drawn out of me like a big sponge – draining me of many great ‘energies’ that one might not realise exists, until it is lost. There was a period in my life when I could handle, gracefully, a lot of activity. I miss that younger teenage self, not yet fully aware of what realities lay ahead. In the mentioned “past couple of years”, however drained I may be now, leaves room for me to improve and recover in the future, hopefully to a point where I can be somewhat normal, healthy and fun again. This photo is something I look at and smile (such great memories!!!). I am grateful to be alive.

-June 30th, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #8

‘Things I Miss’ #8 – My beautiful baby sister Betsy, was an incredible force of life. Such a beautiful soul that I am grateful for having known, and miss very much. This photo from February 2007, means alot to me. I didn’t know what to expect back then, but after she passed in 2011, I realise now that she took a large chunk of my heart with her.

-June 29th, 2017-

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #3

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #3 – I am grateful for having been such a curious cool guy in my pre-teenage years. Growing up, I spent much of my time being largely carefree which is something I actually miss. But in this case, it is something I am more grateful of, for the fun it generated. A time of innocence!

-June 28th, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #7

‘Things I Miss’ #7 – I miss this girl who was my penpal (or is it keyboardpal?) during the later-end of my teenage years. She just completely disappeared from the face of the WWW one day, and haven’t heard from since.

-June 27th, 2017-

‘Things I am Grateful For’ #2

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #2 – Christmas of 2008 was the beginning of something I truly am grateful for. This was a form of catalyst that formed an incredible relationship, that has at times made me wonder about the unknown forces that surround us in life. Bizarre, strange, wonderful, unbelievably CRAZY things can happen in life – and this I believe is a unique connection that was founded in fate, or is it providence? Whatever it may be, IT is something I will always be grateful for, and cherish!

-June 26th, 2017-

‘Things I am Grateful For’ #1

‘Things I Am Grateful For’ #1 – The other thing I have had whirling around in my mind lately, other than an urge to look behind me with an eye of nostalgia, is an incredibly powerful and strong sense of Gratitude… For all of the immensely great and amazing things that have been blessed upon me in my life thus far. What a great platform for me to utilise, to share ‘things I am grateful for’. I am so grateful for my Mum & Dad.

-June 25th, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #6

‘Things I Miss’ #6 – Here is something totally rad amongst the melancholic tone of this little series! I am probably not alone with the fact that I miss – it just had to be, the greatest website in the the history of the internet. The next best sites in the WWW are as follows =

-June 24th, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #5

‘Things I Miss’ #5 – This is a photo (September 2010) of a wonderful friend I had throughout the duration of my High School life. I miss the wholehearted-hugs she would give me, upon every school morning we would meet and greet. We had an incredible friendship, and most notably, a ‘High-Five’ track record that deserves mention/recognition for how perfectly they were naturally executed.

-June 23rd, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #4

‘Things I Miss’ #4 – Just before my 18th birthday in September 2010, our final school year was nearing the tailend of its formal structure, and goodbye’s were starting to swirl – This is a glimpse of the end of a chapter in my life, I now miss. Those final days with my friends were taken for granted. But it is something I look back on and ultimately feel grateful for.

-June 22nd, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #3

‘Things I Miss’ #3 – This incredible girl had a place in my heart. I loved her so much, and she was someone I considered to be my sister. I miss having someone I could call a sister. This photo clearly shows the mood experienced during 2009/10 at the end of our teenage years.

-June 21st, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #2

‘Things I Miss’ #2 Part A – My first JUMP with the ‘Green Machine’ in the Winter of 2006 (August) – something I had been wanting to achieve for a very long time, and I did it with my friends in a dirt trail we made with our own hands. I miss that comradery. #F3D_BMX_Crew

‘Things I Miss’ #2 Part B – My ‘Green Machine’ was something I valued greatly and was an essential tool that helped me make many great friends growing up. It was my first bike, which served me from age 8 to 15, that I had blanketed with spray paint – 4 whole can’s of bright green. Unfortunately I let it rot and rust in the backyard, and let the garbage man eventually take it away. Miss that Green-Machine.

-June 20th, 2017-

‘Things I Miss’ #1

Recently I have been thinking about my past – something I know I shouldn’t be doing, but felt compelled to do anyway.
I’ve been wanting to ‘upload’ to this space, with what I feel should turn into a ‘Things I Miss’ type of series (a ‘Throwback’ of sorts).
This photo I found yesterday, was created exactly 10 years ago, on the 20th of June, 2007 [11=53am]. And to start things off, “I miss having a best friend” – something I always had growing up, in my school years.

-June 13th, 2017-

Popeye Clark

Popeye Clark and Friends

Popeye Clark and Friends

This ‘Popeye’ doll amongst his new friends, is possibly made my the hands of Charlotte Clark. So many details, hard to ignore and not recognise.
Popeye features Velvet Clothing (except for his pants), Open Fingers, Cotton Body and Cotton Hat/Shoes – also with an Oil Cloth Eye and hand-crafted Pipe.

Popeye Clark
Popeye Clark

-February 24th, 2017-


The past few years have been very difficult for me. I know it’s nowhere near as difficult as it could be, realistically – It’s just difficult enough to make me get to know what struggling is about, on a more crazy level, moreso than I have ever known before. Difficult in what way, you might wonder? In all ways, I reply. In this solace, over time, I haven’t been able to confide in my blog, or excreete my imaginings in creative fun ways (my art as therapy) as much as I would like to. Being without my usual “usuals” (too private to disclose or briefly list), I feel like I am falling away. Time goes by so fast. I’m a little lost. But I have been trying to accept my situations, cope without having a computer by my side – that means no creative photography, or blogging about my art, favourite hobbies, even documenting life in general. I really want to record my Dad’s incredible Disneyana collection, but haven’t had much success in this project. I have to accept that my mental health needs mending, which cannot be ignored. I just have to let go a little. Adapt a little. For now, anyway. I don’t know how long for, but only time will tell.

We must Let go Of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that iS waiTing for us. – Joseph Campbell/LOST

-May 24th, 2016-




This ‘Mickey Mouse’ doll – made by Knickerbocker (USA) in 1934, is a Deluxe version of the first doll design in Knickerbocker’s “Mickey” series. Mickey stands 18″ tall, features a Velveteen Body, Open Fingers, Satin Hands and Soft Felt Shoes – also with a Non-Printed Black Fabric “Curtain” around the face. He is missing his Whiskers and Rubber Tail, but still retains his original Mother of Pearl Buttons and signature ‘Pie-CutOil Cloth Eyes.

Backside of Knickerluxe
Backside of Knickerluxe

-March 14th, 2016-



To celebrate my Mum’s Birthday on the 14th, here is a posting about another Mickey. This ‘Mickey Mouse’ cuddle doll – made by Knickerbocker (USA) in 1934, was released in tandem with the first doll design (‘Mickeybocker‘). Mickey can stand (with assistance) approximately 12″ tall, features Open Fingers and Soft Sewn Shoes & Removed Wireframe – also with a Non-Printed Black Fabric “Curtain” around the face. He is missing his Tail and his face is quite faded, but still exhibits his merry aura. This “cuddle” variation doll was unfortunately short-lived after only 6 months, suffering poor sales.

-February 9th, 2016-

O’Lis Swiss

O'Lis Swiss

O’Lis Swiss

To celebrate my Dad’s Birthday on the 11th, here is a posting about another one of our pal’s, Mickey. This ‘Mickey Mouse’ doll is one that my Dad has only ever seen once before. Made by O’Lis (Europe) in the 1940s, Mickey stands approximately 16″ tall, and features Yellow Felt Hands, Red Felt Pants, a Black Cotton/Felt Body, and Black Felt ‘Pie-Cut’ Eyes, and a straw-like filler/stuffing. Albeit he has vintage chest repairs, he fearlessly displays a sharp and charming appearance.

Backside of O'Lis Swiss
Backside of O’Lis Swiss

-February 3rd, 2016-


I shouldn’t label myself. Photographer? Artist? Storyteller? I needed to modify this [header] to better suit or represent the composure of my mind.

-January 21st, 2016-

Borgfeldt Three

Borgfeldt Three
Borgfeldt Three

This ‘Mickey Mouse’ doll is the third and final iteration in George Borgfeldt’s plush series. Made by Borgfeldt/Nifty Toys (USA) in 1933, Mickey stands approximately 12″ tall, and features exceedingly faded Yellow Velvet Hands, Red Velvet Pants and a Black Velveteen Body – complete with Mother of Pearl Buttons, ‘Pie-Cut’ Oil Cloth Eyes and Sewn Facial Features. Although he is missing his original Rubber Tail, he still shows remnants of his original Foot Stamp.

Backside of Borgfeldt Three
Backside of Borgfeldt Three

-January 1st, 2016-


In The Glass
In The Glass.

Though I am not very good at the things I do – punch is – I do and try my best, perpetually.

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