Welcome to TOYLAND, where the imagineering of great kids in history come to life. Inspired by the many great collections and websites around the world – to those whom I look up to, Patrick Owsley and Mel Birnkrant – and in dedication to my Mum and Dad’s powerful collecting habit – I have created this page to showcase and share information on some (if not all) of the rare, obscure and characterful pieces in the ‘Hickey Collection‘.

In 2K13, my Dad started a little site to share insights, thoughts, stories and knowledge about the wonderful world of Disneyana. I am very lucky to have a Dad who is so knowledged and talented in the field of imagination. I have grown up in a way that has given me the opportunity to love and appreciate items significant to history – things that my Dad grew to love. ‘Just Plane Crazy’ is a dedicated home to where these items in our collection will be shared. Slowly, over a long period of time, I plan to work on building content for the site. A project of love. Please do watch this space and contain your patience for additions to the ‘Just Plane Crazy – My Obsession With The Mouse’ blog. In the name of your inner-child, enjoy your time here in TOYLAND!

Just Plane Crazy – My Obsession With The Mouse


Here we are. Castaways. Banished. A “not so welcome to BOGEYLAND”. Items of intense interest, we missed or lost, or just dream of having, will be added to this land. Please click on BOGEYLAND to make the short raft journey over to the dark side.


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