Wedges – 2K15 – DIV.4

-April 20th, 2015-

You Are Involved

You Are Involved
You Are Involved

Looking out the window
This grey town, this dull life
These four walls
If only was possible to draw them
With the colours of your thoughts
Dreaming wide awake
A fantasy trip to another land
Where lasers and strokes light up your soul
Where beats, synths and melodies animate an undiscovered world
Where people hear your voice
The shades of your life ignite
You become part of a language
Your fantasy is now reality
Your dreams actuality
You are involved….

[Lyrical piece by Technoboy]

-April 7th, 2015-

Holy Smokes!

Holy Smokes!
Holy Smokes!

On the night of the 20th of September, 2K14 – I went home dazed, stunned, and with black nostrils.

-March 16th, 2015-

King of California

You want to know how California got it’s name? It’s not named after some explorer, or king. Nope. Someone made the name up – a writer. He just pulled it out of his imagination in the 16th century, in Spain. He made up this place where there was unlimited gold, and pearls, and beautiful fierce women who wore gold armor, and rode wild beasts. And he called it California. It’s true. It was a best seller back then. Charlie told me that. He said I could look it up if I didn’t believe him.

I find it difficult to fall in love with many stories that fuse well together, visually, on screen. King of California is a wonderful film, that I will most likely watch for a 3rd and 4th time, over again.

-March 8th, 2015-


Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Bridge Over Troubled Waters (created 729 days ago).

On this day, two years ago – I reestablished my online home, here at (Hub-for-Hickey). I’m very proud of this achievement, enduring only just 2 years (small within the scope of things). I hope that the future may give me the blessing to continue what I love, for many more years to come!

-March 1st, 2015-

March the 1st

March 1 – Marks a sad day, to look back on. 18 years since the death of my beautiful little brother, Roddy. Please raise awareness and support SIDS in any way you can.

-February 22nd, 2015-

Welcome to the Psychedelic Wasteland

Welcome to the Psychedelic Wasteland
Welcome to the Psychedelic Wasteland.

Welcome to the Zoo. Where the beast is unleashedfreedom, for the true rebel, ready to scrap the system.

-February 15th, 2015-

Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove
Lemon Grove.

On this day, the 15th of February, 30 years ago (1985) my Mum & Dad met for the very first time. Dad was working behind the counter at the Lemon Grove Video store, and Mum went to rent a video – both locking eyes, smiling at each other. The rest is history.

-February 8th, 2015-

Ly-on Wait

Ly-on Wait
Ly-on Wait.

Marmal the Lion, lay down on and wait, as Mum hearkens the telephone tone, from ‘Kammer & Reinhardt’ doll, Eloise – February, 2K15.

-February 3rd, 2015-

Ly-in Wait

Ly-in Wait
Ly-in Wait.

Marmal the Lion, lay down in wait, as Dad sinks deeply in waves of embroidered cushion – February, 2K15.

Monday was not only the start of a new week. Monday, the 2nd of February, also marks a new level made within the technical aspect of my photographic workflow. I have “raised the bar” for myself and adopted the Fujifilm X-Trans system into my craft. The beautiful Fujifilm X100T is now under my wing, looking towards what might possible for the future.

-January 26th, 2015-


Fotochromol Meltachrome
Fotochromol Meltachrome.

In the heat of Summer, colour screams aloud and contrasts the blue chill of Winter. This cheesy yellow emulsion, showcases a palette of thermal/thermo energy/burning hues – positive to that of negative.
Using the overlay layer of Chroma – used to Aäc my Self Portrait in the previous Wedge – I have obtained an unusual and conceptually abstract result. Keeping in mind (along-the-lines-of) what you would see in a negative strip of colour film, I wanted to play, and experimented with the opposite – a colour diapositive.

-January 20th, 2015-


Chroma From Light
Chroma From Light.
Emended Fotochrom/Photochrom (also called the Aäc process).

I struggle to feel comfortable and confidant with colour photography. Sometimes colour is necessary to better express what I want to capture. With a digital workflow in play, I find it very difficult to settle with just one result (I like to experiment with all my available options). This however, has given me food-for-thought. Maybe I can work with the Photochrom process in mind (A Touch Of Colour). Using Vivian Maier’s beautiful Ektachrome library as a colour palette reference, I might just be able to attain that look, I’ve been wanting to achieve for so long.
The photographs showcased in the link following, by Fred Herzog, are captured with Kodachrome film – and not colorised from black and white using the above Fotochrom method. I do feel it is relevant to my interests though, to include the following article as a means for further more vibrant food-for-thought. Look at the individual beauty and simplicity of these wonderful hues =

-January 15th, 2015-


Light From Darkness
Light From Darkness.
Chromono//Monochrome_From the majestic tones of metallic silver.
Chroma//Colour_From the brilliant colors of chromium compounds.

We all see in colour. Varying degrees of hue separate each other from one another. I on one hand, notice colours are ever-changing. My perceptual identifications with different colours, appear to be morphing as time goes on. Whether it be mood, the brains chemical ecosystem, or some kind of external factor/influence – I see a different flurry of colour, at different moments throughout time. This can be somewhat confusing and incredibly frustrating when trying to be creative with a digital photographic workflow. When you love colour so much, you can find it to be a major challenge, to feel comfortable and confidant with colour photography.
I’ve fallen in love with colour, but have been swaying off-and-on to the side, dipping my fingers in the Chromono//Monochrome world of black and white, and tones in-between. Not only do I see a traditional aspect of romance in thinking about black and white photography, but I see a logical and wise solution to a problem I very often have difficulties with. I’m having an affair with my love for the beauty of the black and white vision.

-January 12th, 2015-

In No Great Hurry

“I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.”

I’ve been waiting patiently, since 2011 (when I first encountered a series of short scenes on Youtube, followed by this trailer) to see this documentary about the fascinating Saul Leiter. It has been a whole year since it’s limited release in the U.S., and I haven’t seen it yet – though I am in no great hurry. I hope to be able to view this intriguing film, someday.

-January 1st, 2015-

One Decade

One Decade
One Decade.

As I did 1 year ago with my inaugural ‘Ten Years’ Wedge, last January – I have once again decided to share a portrait of my young-self from one decade ago. This portrait was my first formal High School sitting, early in Year 7, 2005 – NHS.
This year in particular was eye-opening, as I had decided to end my Primary School years in 2004, and in 2005 (the beginning of my time at Nepean High School) venture into a new environment closer to home. This was a very good decision made, as in these teenage years, I was able to explore a whole new perspective in my education (these two worlds/schools were far apart) and life. High School was also where I would first have access to Photography – a subject I always thought was far from my reach. A funny story worth remembering – At PAC, just after the B Block (the first building erected post-1998 school opening) had finished construction, one evening all the parents were given a tour of the building. At the end of the tour at the entrance of the Photographic lab, aka Darkroom – Dad being the magician he is, disappeared in the cylindrical capsule (used to enter the light-sealed room). No one could find him! Not even Mum. But as magicians do, he reappeared, exiting the capsule, returning to the surprised group of parents – tricked! I never did get to go in that darkroom – though, in High School, maybe not in 2005, but later in 2006/07, I was able to choose Photography as a subject along side Visual Arts – two life changing subjects I will forever keep with me.
One decade later, 2K15, Year 17, I will be embarking on a journey, cleansing from technology. At such a pace, I hope to gain certain elements of wisdom I’d like to be able to harness in the future.

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